Our Story | Philosophy | IFA LIFE by Adebisi

With Love, For The Culture!

IFÁ LIFE is a Unisex lifestyle Brand, inspired by the beauty, beliefs and practices of the Yoruba people and their culture. The word “Ifá” means “The Devine.” In the Yoruba culture, Ifá is the Oracle and reveals our supreme destinies to us, as he is the direct messenger of Olodumaré (God). In the Yoruba lands of Nigeria, living by the ways/words of Ifá is a lifestyle. Hence the reason the brand’s creator chose the name “IFÁ LIFE.”

With well over 7 Million Yorubas currently living in the United States alone, the IFÁ LIFE brand aims to educate those who do not live the lifestyle and liberate those who do, through style. As the first of it's kind, IFÁ LIFE aspires to become a major label and house-hold name, amongst the community.

IFÁ LIFE was created by HRG Adebisi Adefunmi of Oyotunji Kingdom. A practicing priestess of Ifá & the Orisa of 32 years.

We are a PROUD, BLACK OWNED COMPANY & we thank you so much for supporting our little Small Business!

With love,

Adebisi Inc