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PROTECTED WOMAN (Protected by Orisha) T-shirt Dress

PROTECTED WOMAN (Protected by Orisha) T-shirt Dress

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Protected by the Gods! This T-Shirt Dress features 9 African Gods down the back & Ifa Life logo on the sleeve. The 9 Gods Includes the 7 most commonly known Yoruba Gods, known as “The 7 African powers”.

Elegba- The Road Opener & Good-luck Charm
Ogun- The Warrior God & Protector
Oshoosi- The Hunter God & Straight Shooter
Olokun- The God of the Deep Seas & Magic
Oshun- The Goddess of Love, Beauty & Rivers
Shango- The God of Thunder & Wealth
Yemoja- The Goddess of the Moon & Oceans
Obatala- The God of Purity & Creativity
Oya- The Goddess of the Winds & Creator of Change

T-shirts have been around forever, yet somehow we find ways to make them feel new. This organic cotton t-shirt dress is one of the premium product must-haves—it's comfortable, stylish, and organic. Style it with leggings, a belt, a denim jacket, or wear it alone, it'll look great anyway.
• 100% organic ring-spun cotton


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